Can Exercise Be Easy?

The short answer is yes.  You might need to redefine the word exercise and change your knowledge of what are considered exercises.  With a brand new attitude towards exercises, it is easy.

Unlike typical oriental people, I am taller than average Asian female.  I have long legs.  When I was in the Junior High school, my physical teacher forced me to participate in the running competitions.  I hated exercises.  I told him that I was not good at any physical activities and I had very bad physical scores during my Elementary school years.  He disregarded my complaints and believed that my long legs could win any running competitions.  I was miserable.  I dreaded going to school because of all the training before and after school.  Finally, after two semesters, he decided that I was not trainable and released me from the team.  My bad experiences with exercises continued throughout all of my schooling years.

Then I moved to the Midwest U.S.A when I was 24.  Driving is almost the only option to get to anywhere, especially during the bitter winter.  Taiwan is different.  Public transportation is very advanced and convenient.   People walk to places easily because of the friendly short distance layout of the shops, markets and businesses.  I had to plan exercises to keep up with my health shortly after moving to the U.S.  I had to reassure myself that exercises weren’t scary.  Here is what I have learned.

Exercises are as simple as moving your body.  It could be walking stairs.  I make conscious decisions to park my car at the edge of the grocery stores or restaurants’ parking lots when the weather is nice.  I find fun activities to try, such as ballroom dancing and bicycling.   Vacationing in a big city is also another good method because big city like New York or Chicago provides more walking opportunities.  Exercises don’t need to be restricted to the set aside time or Gym.  Every movement is a start.  The first baby step is to start moving and to eliminate quiescence state.

When your mind and body are adapted to the concept and are active throughout the day, the final step is to set aside time to exercise for the minimum of half hour each time and at least three times a week.  I like to get my exercises done first thing in the morning.  I prefer the comfort of my home, and I favor the instructor lead cardio and weight lifting DVDs from Beachbody.

My best advice for the beginner people is to start easy.  Moving is exercising.  The more advanced or difficult exercise programs aren’t necessary better for you.  Be yourself.  Do not follow the crowd.  Find something that work exclusively for you.

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