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Drinking water is important.  It is time to stop buying water from the plastic bottles.  I believe every tiny action from each individual counts.  It is our responsibility to care for the Earth.  Lifefactory offers eco-friendly glass bottles in different and fun color for everyone from babies to adults.  The design is modern, and the silicone sleeves make the glass bottles easy to be carried.  I especially love the 22 oz water bottle for adults.  It comes handy when I am out about.  If you have young children, the non-toxic nipples for the baby bottles and teethers are also the crucial choices.  All of the lifefactory products are BPA-free.


In spring 2012, after eyeing on a Vitamix blender for several months, I received a surprised birthday gift from my husband.  It was a Vitamix 5200.  Although I consider kitchen appliances the most unromantic gifts on earth, I am very happy to own my Vitamix 5200.

I have several other blenders from various manufactures.  I make juices from fresh and frozen fruits frequently.  When I made my first cup of juice with the exact same usual ingredients from Vitamix 5200, I immediately tasted the difference.  The juice was very smooth and delicious.   I would not have considered my juices from other blenders coarse and tasteless if I have never had juices from Vitamix blender.

It is amazing how sharp the blades are.  Every blending takes less than 30 seconds.  Cleaning the unit is super easy and takes less than 1 minute.   I have own my Vitamix for over a year.  I am still very happy with it.  Even though the price tag is high, it is worth of the investment.  It helps me to eat more whole fruits because Vitamix makes it so easy to make delicious juices.