Sherrill (Pei-Chih) Verbrugge

Sherrill (Pei-Chih) Verbrugge

I am from a lovely tropical island Taiwan.  My parents are both Hakka, and my husband is Dutch American.  I currently live in the Midwest U.S.A.  Being a Taiwanese Chinese allows me to explore a wider aspects on health and healthy living.  I believe health is the key for aging gracefully and respectfully.

Organic is an overly used term in the 21st century.  This website will provide a healthier attitude towards the overly rated term “Organic”.  I am not a hard core organics.  The term Organic means original, primitive, green and natural to me.  I hope to provide some helpful resources regarding healthy living lifestyle.  I don’t hunt down pure organics or use exclusive organics in my daily life.  I however do care about earth and choose any organics over non-organics if they are available.

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