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Shea Lips

I love the Quench! Shea Lips line from Abbey Brown Soap Artisan in Chicago.  It is very moisture, and it makes my lips soft for a long time.   It is the must-have for the hash Midwest weather.  I use the Shea Lips year-round.  All their products are handcrafted with natural ingredients.  They also offer some intriguing classes.

Green Envee

If you are looking for the environmental safe skincare products, Green Envee is the place.  I met Tim in November 2012, and I was drawn to his story.  I felt his commitment to the safe skincare products.  I agree with his company’s philosophy behind the products.  The Children’s Care line from Green Envee is amazing.  I especially like the body lotions for myself.  The scent is light, and the lotion is silky.  My skin loves it.

Bug Repellent

My skin is super sensitive to any bugs.  I have to put on large amount of bug repellent products before I head out every time.  I tried many different products.  I worry about the side effects those products have.

I have been searching for an effective and non-chemical bug repellent.  In 2012, I found lifestings from duggan sisters.  It is an organic lotion.  The ingredients are natural and easy on the skin.  The smell is very nice and light.  It simply works.  I can now enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about bug bites.