A New Turn In The South

I was attending a conference in Atlanta Georgia in June 2012.  I knew my flight would arrive in the early morning, so I planned for a breakfast restaurant. I found Empire State South restaurant.

My husband was with me, and we both loved the restaurant.  The restaurant is sectioned off in three parts, the courtyard, the coffee bar and the dining room. While we were waiting for our table at the coffee bar, we were lucky enough to meet chef Hugh, the author of A New Turn In The South cookbook.  He was witty and friendly.

We had one of the best southern breakfast we ever had.  Instead of oily and heavy, the dishes were well prepared with local sourced ingredients in the season.  We immediately bought the cookbook because we would like to reproduce these delicious dishes.

The cookbook has many good creative southern recipes with simple ingredients and some chef Hugh’s cooking notes with personally stories.  It contains enough beautiful photos to inspire an amateur.    You will also find two useful howtos, “how to cut a mango” and “how to cook a global artichoke”.

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